Learn from the best teachers at Harmony House

No matter what the instrument is, a lifetime of music begins with a great teacher who inspires the student to push their limits and expand their horizons. At Harmony House, we believe in pairing together great instruments with talented instructors, all under one roof. Thanks to our wide network, we bring in some of the […]

Grand Piano Rental in Phoenix

What to look for when purchasing a pre-owned grand piano

A grand piano is a big investment. Not just big in terms of cost, but in reference to physical size, too. How do you know when you’re getting a great deal on a piano? Harmony House can help you. Our piano experts and professionals can assist you in finding just the right piano for your […]


Tips for acoustic guitar repair and maintenance

Your guitar is your pride and joy—as well as an expensive and delicate instrument that requires regular care and maintenance. The professionals at Phoenix, Arizona’s Harmony House can help you keep your guitar in great condition with guitar repair and maintenance services. Maintaining an acoustic guitar Here are some tips for turning your guitar into […]