Benefits of Music in School

music skills PhoenixMusic has proven to be a huge asset to learning process and growth in children as well as adults. Students have more confidence, higher test scores and learn the importance of teamwork. Although there are a great deal of benefits of having music in schools, many Phoenix schools are doing away with their arts program due to lack of funds and budget cuts. At Harmony House, we strive to teach all different types of instruments to all age groups to bring the benefits of music to Valley. When you are trained musically, you can benefit from a variety of cognitive and emotional skills

Benefits of Music in School

Developed Skills

Music enhances not only the lives of those performing the instrument but as well as the lives around us. Students develop skills crucial to their success in school and in life. These skills can include cognitive, emotional, and personal that can be applied to every aspect of their life.

Learning Skills

musical skillsThere have been many studies conducted that show the correlation between music and education. Students who actively participate in performing arts have tested higher on the SAT, have higher grades overall and are able to critically think.

  • Higher SAT Scores: Students who have had experience with performing music or listen to music on a regular basis have scored significantly higher on the SATs. One study showed that students who had 4 years of musical education outperformed peers by 58 points on the verbal portion and 38 point on the math portion.
  • Improved Work: Student who play an instrument take value in what they are doing. They want to perform to the best of their abilities and this is a trait that carries on into every facet of their life.
  • Memorization: It has been found that students who are required to read sheet music on a regular basis are more skilled at memorizing information. The skill of reading sheet music challenges the student to use their memory on a daily basis.
  • Develop Language Skills: The left side of your brain is better developed when you participate in music. This helps to increase the development of skills required to learn languages and reason.

Emotional Skills

  • Fights Stress: Those who perform and learn to play music tend to have less anxiety and stress than those who do not. Calming music helps the mind to relax and focus on the moment.
  • Empathy Towards Others: When learning to play an instrument, you gain a higher appreciation for other cultures and people. You tend to be more accepting and more in tune with emotions than others.

Personal Skills

  • Self-confidence: Students who are required to perform in front of their peers, teachers and the public have a greater sense of self. This helps to improve confidence in all different types of situations. They are more likely to be successful with public speaking and overall communication.
  • Takes Risks: Performing in fronts of others can be terrifying. When students overcome that fear and realize they are capable of facing their fears, they are more likely to take risks in life.
  • Teamwork: When students are a part of an orchestra or band, they are required to work with others to ensure everything works together.
  • Discipline: It takes a lot of hard work and practice to learn a new instrument. You have to put in a lot of effort to practice everyday and move past any hurdles or frustrations you may encounter. Students apply this discipline to challenges they encounter in their daily life.
  • Improved Coordination: Musical instruments take a lot of coordination. You develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination when practicing an instrument. The two must work together at the right moment to create the perfect sound.  

Music Lessons

music lessonsWith more and more schools removing arts programs from their schools, parents are having to think of new ways to introduce arts into their child’s life. Many music stores in Phoenix have access to instructors that can train anyone at any age to learn a new musical instrument!

At Harmony House, we have qualified instructors to help teach lesson for stringed instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments and much more! Start the New Year by scheduling you or your child’s private lessons.

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