A guide to buying your first acoustic guitar

If you’re a seasoned guitar pro and a true connoisseur who knows their spruce from rosewood, you probably walk into Harmony House with at least some kind of idea of what you’re looking for. After all, Phoenix, Arizona is home to some very talented guitarists. But, if you’re looking for your first guitar, we can help with that, too. Let’s walk you through what to look for in an acoustic guitar.

Determine your price

Only you can determine your budget, but chances are that you’re not going to want to put $3,000 on a top-of-the-line instrument for your first guitar. Save that purchase for when you make it big, okay? Don’t despair, though: you can get a great, quality guitar for between $200 and $300. Harmony House regularly runs sales and specials, too, allowing you to get a great price—and a guitar you’ll love.

acoustic-guitar-selection-storePick your acoustic sound

Whether you’re looking to learn music as a career or just for fun, you want an instrument that sounds great.

  • Auditorium / Concert: A standard mid-sized guitar, with a good balance of volume, tone, and comfort. These guitars are popular amongst a wide diversity of musicians.
  • Dreadnought: First invented in 1916, the Dreadnought has a powerful, driving sound that makes it a popular choice for classic rockers and bluegrass lovers alike.
  • Jumbo: This is a big, boomy guitar. They’re large, they’re loud, and they resonate deeply.

Here’s a tip: if you want to know what a guitar will truly sound like, listen to it as you strum. Then, have someone else play while you stand a few feet away. An acoustic guitar can sound very different to the person playing it than to the person listening to it, and this test may help you make your decision.

Try it out

The best way to find out if a guitar is right for you? Pick it up and play it. See how it feels. Acoustic guitars vary wildly in size, shape, sound, structure, and wood composition, so avoiding decision fatigue (Dreadnought, or Jumbo? Cedar, or Mahogany?) often involves just finding a guitar you like. Remember: as long as you’re buying a quality instrument, don’t get too caught up in the myriad of details for your first guitar.

Let us help!

Still not sure what you’re interested in? The helpful staff at Harmony House can work with you to help you find the guitar you can grow into. Since 1971, we’ve helped thousands of Phoenix musicians find the guitar that speaks to them.

Why buy from Harmony House?

Harmony House has an extensive selection and inventory of acoustic guitars, in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Our wide assortment of instruments and competitive prices have made us a community favorite. We also offer guitar lessons, supplies, and repair services, which means we’re a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

Get in contact with Harmony House, or learn more about our guitar lessons.

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