What to look for when purchasing a pre-owned grand piano

A grand piano is a big investment. Not just big in terms of cost, but in reference to physical size, too. How do you know when you’re getting a great deal on a piano? Harmony House can help you. Our piano experts and professionals can assist you in finding just the right piano for your home.

Is this piano right for you?

Grand Piano Rental in PhoenixHonestly, this is the first question you should be asking yourself when looking at any grand piano. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for, and—most of the time—a piano’s ultimate longevity and sound comes down to how well it was originally constructed and how well it has been taken care of through the years.

Set your price point ahead of time, but also think about what you need the piano for. While a player who is just starting still needs a quality piano, they may not need one that is designed for a concert hall performance. Take your budget and needs into account before buying.

Has this piano been cared for and tuned up regularly?

One question to ask is this: Is the piano being sold by someone who knows and cares about pianos, or by someone who looks like they’d like nothing better to get rid of the thing? If the current owner is offloading the instrument to free up space in their home since they haven’t played it in years, that may be a strong hint that they haven’t been paying for regular maintenance and tune-ups.

This is a reason to consider purchasing your piano from a store such as Harmony House. We care for the grand pianos in our collection. When you buy a piano from us, you’re purchasing from our community of piano lovers, who have taken the time to maintain and regularly tune their pianos.

Is the piano is good shape?

Not all pianos age as well as others. Beyond just basic maintenance, a lack of care could lead to serious damage in the interior of a piano. Look at the soundboard. Is it cracked? The hammers should also be indent-free. Do the pedals move easily, or is there a degree of resistance? Also be on the lookout for water damage or gnaw marks in the piano. That may be an indicator that either mildew or mice were present at one time or another.music lessons 2

One of the best ways to assess the state of your piano is to play it. Does the piano rattle? Do individual notes sound flat when pressed? If so, consider moving on from that particular grand piano. If you need advice on how to evaluate a piano’s quality, stop by Harmony House and we’ll help you out.

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Need more tips and advice on purchasing a piano? Or, are you interested in taking a look at our selection? Stop by our north Phoenix store or give us a call. We’d love to help you find the grand piano that’s perfect for you.

Tips for acoustic guitar repair and maintenance

Your guitar is your pride and joy—as well as an expensive and delicate instrument that requires regular care and maintenance. The professionals at Phoenix, Arizona’s Harmony House can help you keep your guitar in great condition with guitar repair and maintenance services.

Maintaining an acoustic guitar

Here are some tips for turning your guitar into an instrument that lasts a lifetime:

  • Don’t drop it: Duh, you might say. But, a lot of guitar problems start because of human error. Playing it standing without a guitar strap. Transporting it without a quality case or bag. Standing it up against the futon instead of investing in a stand. Take care of your guitar, and it’ll take care of you. Think about it this way: if you’re the type who buys a case, screen protector, and insurance for their smartphone, why not treat your guitar with the same love?
  • Clean it—the right way: We were originally going to write “just clean it,” but then we pictured someone attempting to use a product for cleaning wood floors on their beautiful guitar. Buy actual guitar cleaning products from Harmony House, and treat your guitar with respect. We can give you some advice and tips for regular cleaning and testing strings.
  • Know when to hire a professional: Your guitar is an investment, and while you can do much of the cleaning and string checks at home, you may want to consider visiting our experts for anything past that. We know guitars, and we can give yours a full comprehensive tune-up. No matter how often you play, Harmony House can get your instrument prepped for the next concert, meeting of the band, or backyard get-together.

Need guitar repair?

Guitar-Repair-AcousticUh-oh. If your guitar needs repair, Harmony House can help. We’re partnered with Patruno Guitar Repair LLC, which means the amazing Mike Patruno is in our store every Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. Have a question about a repair? Give us a call, and we’ll help you assess the problem.

It’s a dry heat

Here in Arizona, we’re known for our dry, hot temperatures and a distinct lack of humidity and moisture in the air. What you may not know is that your guitar may be even more sensitive to the temperature changes outside than you are. Wooden instruments can struggle with changes in humidity and extremes in temperature—sitting in a 120° trunk in the Phoenix July certainly qualifies. Whether you have a beautiful acoustic guitar or a mandolin, the Valley’s summer and monsoon cycle could pose a risk.

One solution is to purchase a humidifier and hygrometer system. A hygrometer gauges the humidity of the air. By keeping it in your case or near your instrument, you can easily assess whether the humidity is leaving the ideal 30 to 60 percent range, and then use the humidifier to address the issue. Considering that, on average, the Phoenix area’s humidity drops below that on a daily basis, a humidity-ensuring setup can really help prolong the life of your instrument, and help you get great performance out of it for summers to come.

Need help?

Harmony House can provide assistance with guitar protection, maintenance, and repair. Contact our repair shop, or stop by our north Phoenix location at 15229 North Cave Creek Road. You can also reach us anytime by calling (602) 207-8806.

A guide to buying your first acoustic guitar

If you’re a seasoned guitar pro and a true connoisseur who knows their spruce from rosewood, you probably walk into Harmony House with at least some kind of idea of what you’re looking for. After all, Phoenix, Arizona is home to some very talented guitarists. But, if you’re looking for your first guitar, we can help with that, too. Let’s walk you through what to look for in an acoustic guitar.

Determine your price

Only you can determine your budget, but chances are that you’re not going to want to put $3,000 on a top-of-the-line instrument for your first guitar. Save that purchase for when you make it big, okay? Don’t despair, though: you can get a great, quality guitar for between $200 and $300. Harmony House regularly runs sales and specials, too, allowing you to get a great price—and a guitar you’ll love.

acoustic-guitar-selection-storePick your acoustic sound

Whether you’re looking to learn music as a career or just for fun, you want an instrument that sounds great.

  • Auditorium / Concert: A standard mid-sized guitar, with a good balance of volume, tone, and comfort. These guitars are popular amongst a wide diversity of musicians.
  • Dreadnought: First invented in 1916, the Dreadnought has a powerful, driving sound that makes it a popular choice for classic rockers and bluegrass lovers alike.
  • Jumbo: This is a big, boomy guitar. They’re large, they’re loud, and they resonate deeply.

Here’s a tip: if you want to know what a guitar will truly sound like, listen to it as you strum. Then, have someone else play while you stand a few feet away. An acoustic guitar can sound very different to the person playing it than to the person listening to it, and this test may help you make your decision.

Try it out

The best way to find out if a guitar is right for you? Pick it up and play it. See how it feels. Acoustic guitars vary wildly in size, shape, sound, structure, and wood composition, so avoiding decision fatigue (Dreadnought, or Jumbo? Cedar, or Mahogany?) often involves just finding a guitar you like. Remember: as long as you’re buying a quality instrument, don’t get too caught up in the myriad of details for your first guitar.

Let us help!

Still not sure what you’re interested in? The helpful staff at Harmony House can work with you to help you find the guitar you can grow into. Since 1971, we’ve helped thousands of Phoenix musicians find the guitar that speaks to them.

Why buy from Harmony House?

Harmony House has an extensive selection and inventory of acoustic guitars, in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Our wide assortment of instruments and competitive prices have made us a community favorite. We also offer guitar lessons, supplies, and repair services, which means we’re a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

Get in contact with Harmony House, or learn more about our guitar lessons.

Everything You Need to Know about Piano in Order to Buy a Better One

When it comes to musical instruments, piano is the most popular musical instrument around the world. The piano has a long and colorful history from a concert instrument to the primary instrument in homes. Piano is an important source of inspiration and pleasure for both amateur and professional musicians. The piano has gone through a lot of improvements in its details and is still going through up to the present day. The industrial revolution has been kind to facilitate the production of pianos in large numbers. The piano models improved day by day as a result of the demands made by industrial production aiming at large output. The creation of new models, production in large quantities and the wide distribution led to a gradual increased specialization in manufacture. Companies began to set up with the sole purpose of manufacturing individual parts. Specialization made it possible to manufacture large quantities at lower costs and the suppliers became more and more important.

Why Piano?

piano, harmony house, best pianos, piano typesHave you ever given a thought to a phenomena that why all famous musicians at least know how to play and use piano? Why not guitar? Drums? Flute? Or Violin? This is because piano lessons are an important way to gain a broad appreciation of music. The real benefits that mostly arise from playing piano include both musical and non-musical. A piano student learns to read two lines of music, use both ears, arms, feet, legs and all the fingers in coordination with the brain giving each body part a different assignment to perform simultaneously. It has been observed that no other activity allows one to exercise all of these skills in such a constructive way. Besides, developing mind and muscle coordination, it also improves hand-eye coordination, tactful use in sports and the ability to use both left and right sides of the brain.

Benefits of Playing Piano

piano, harmony house, best pianos, piano typesIf you are looking to enrich your life in a better way, adding musical skills is a great way. Learning a piano is not a rocket science, all it takes is determination and passion with the development of skills that helps u in making more talented and cultured individual. Piano lessons are mostly taken by the highly intelligent students. According to the study performed at Northernwestern University, playing piano adds to neural connections. In addition to that, students that have music in their academic curriculum have significantly better vocabulary and verbal sequencing that those who don’t. Playing piano also helps to get away from the stresses of daily life and improve your mood and mind. It has also been observed medically that playing piano can increase the production of human growth hormones particularly for adults. Human growth hormones are usually linked to reduction of the aches and pains. Another beautiful advantage playing piano provides is the ability to multi task. Learning how to get your hands to work together may be difficult at first but as you practice, you will master it! Learning piano all by your own can be a difficult task, so in order to get the most benefit from playing it, it is important to work with a qualified or professional piano teacher, who can give you quality training so that you can easily learn what you love. If you are unable to find any good teacher, feel free to contact Harmony House; the best piano store in Phoenix. They will be happy to recommend some of the best teachers in your area because music brings happiness to many people and it is central for many people. Scientists say that playing an instrument is an excellent source of pleasure and fulfilment and it helps in providing a deep sense of satisfaction. Piano is one of those instruments which provides both melody and harmony, therefore it can be easily be played solo without any other instrument.

Types of Pianos

piano, harmony house, best pianos, piano typesThe three main types of pianos include: Grand, Upright and Electronic. These types are further often resized and combined to produce different other styles.

Grand: Grand is the largest piano type and is the most majestic and expensive as well. Grand pianos mostly have horizontal soundboards. The soundboard is encapsulated in a supportable opening platform that opens from one end in the upward direction. Mostly, the casing is bottomless, allowing one to see the soundboard base which is of good quality wood. Its keys are mostly of wood or ivory. The grand piano has standard 88 keys, retractable cover and a fold case for the keys.

Upright: Upright is the most common type of piano, known as the popular addition to a living room or a parlor. It is the peoples’ most favorite choice because it costs less, its compact size and its soothing warm sound. It has a vertical soundboard with strings and dampers stretching downwards. They are often taken as an inferior to grand pianos.

Electric: Electric piano is best for beginners or performers who need to move from one place to another. These pianos are the most affordable, although they don’t have the qualities of an acoustic. There are plenty of qualities and types available in electric pianos. The only added advantage it has over the grand and upright piano is that they have variety of sounds and settings such as organ, guitar, string, choir and percussion. Various functions makes it easy for the beginner to learn it.

Buying a Piano

piano, harmony house, best pianos, piano typesBefore buying a piano, you must consider a number of things depending upon your playing level, your usage, the place where you are going to keep it and why do you want it. For starters, electric piano with touch sensitivity will work great. A piano with this feature enables you to vary the volume of sound of each individual note. The more force that is applied to the keys, the louder will be the sound. If you are a semi-pro then you ought to go with the weighted keys because they strive to emulate the touch of a grand piano. Don’t worry about making a perfect choice in the start because buying your first piano can be tricky. This is only because to understand what sound and feel you will want to live with ahead, you need to actually start playing and practicing.

If you are confused and need help in order to buy your first perfect piano, piano store in Phoenix is the place. With over 30 years of experience, best instruments from all around the world are easily available at the Harmony House.