Benefits of Music in School

music skills PhoenixMusic has proven to be a huge asset to learning process and growth in children as well as adults. Students have more confidence, higher test scores and learn the importance of teamwork. Although there are a great deal of benefits of having music in schools, many Phoenix schools are doing away with their arts program due to lack of funds and budget cuts. At Harmony House, we strive to teach all different types of instruments to all age groups to bring the benefits of music to Valley. When you are trained musically, you can benefit from a variety of cognitive and emotional skills

Benefits of Music in School

Developed Skills

Music enhances not only the lives of those performing the instrument but as well as the lives around us. Students develop skills crucial to their success in school and in life. These skills can include cognitive, emotional, and personal that can be applied to every aspect of their life.

Learning Skills

musical skillsThere have been many studies conducted that show the correlation between music and education. Students who actively participate in performing arts have tested higher on the SAT, have higher grades overall and are able to critically think.

  • Higher SAT Scores: Students who have had experience with performing music or listen to music on a regular basis have scored significantly higher on the SATs. One study showed that students who had 4 years of musical education outperformed peers by 58 points on the verbal portion and 38 point on the math portion.
  • Improved Work: Student who play an instrument take value in what they are doing. They want to perform to the best of their abilities and this is a trait that carries on into every facet of their life.
  • Memorization: It has been found that students who are required to read sheet music on a regular basis are more skilled at memorizing information. The skill of reading sheet music challenges the student to use their memory on a daily basis.
  • Develop Language Skills: The left side of your brain is better developed when you participate in music. This helps to increase the development of skills required to learn languages and reason.

Emotional Skills

  • Fights Stress: Those who perform and learn to play music tend to have less anxiety and stress than those who do not. Calming music helps the mind to relax and focus on the moment.
  • Empathy Towards Others: When learning to play an instrument, you gain a higher appreciation for other cultures and people. You tend to be more accepting and more in tune with emotions than others.

Personal Skills

  • Self-confidence: Students who are required to perform in front of their peers, teachers and the public have a greater sense of self. This helps to improve confidence in all different types of situations. They are more likely to be successful with public speaking and overall communication.
  • Takes Risks: Performing in fronts of others can be terrifying. When students overcome that fear and realize they are capable of facing their fears, they are more likely to take risks in life.
  • Teamwork: When students are a part of an orchestra or band, they are required to work with others to ensure everything works together.
  • Discipline: It takes a lot of hard work and practice to learn a new instrument. You have to put in a lot of effort to practice everyday and move past any hurdles or frustrations you may encounter. Students apply this discipline to challenges they encounter in their daily life.
  • Improved Coordination: Musical instruments take a lot of coordination. You develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination when practicing an instrument. The two must work together at the right moment to create the perfect sound.  

Music Lessons

music lessonsWith more and more schools removing arts programs from their schools, parents are having to think of new ways to introduce arts into their child’s life. Many music stores in Phoenix have access to instructors that can train anyone at any age to learn a new musical instrument!

At Harmony House, we have qualified instructors to help teach lesson for stringed instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments and much more! Start the New Year by scheduling you or your child’s private lessons.

Everything You Need to Know About Music Instrument Rentals

So, your child has decided to play a musical instrument in the school band. Although you may be uncertain whether it’s just a child’s temporary passing phase, or the start of the next music idol’s path – there are a few decisions you need to make. Music classes, instrument rentals and hours of practice are some of the essential challenges your little music star and your family is about to go through. Whether its just a phase, a lifetime hobby or a future profession – playing a musical instrument is a fun, joyful and an overall positive experience. 

Playing music has a long-term positive effect on people’s brain

Music is one of the few things that can change people’s mood almost instantly. We all respond immediately to music and enjoy listening, singing or playing various songs or music pieces. Some pieces of music can improve your mood, help you focus and get you motivated. Your favorite song can make you feel happier and more productive at the same time. Music is also a highly effective therapy for depression and useful for people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Taking music lessons increases a child’s brain function. It improves the brain’s capacity to grow and change positively. According to numerous surveys over the years, children playing musical instruments show better results in reading, learning languages and maths. They also develop better motor skills than their classmates who don’t play any musical instruments.


Even though most studies on music and its effects on the brain have been conducted on older children, positive reactions have been noticed in toddlers as well. Since toddlers react positively to music, you can rest assured that it’s never too early to start playing instruments. Playing music stimulates the formation of certain brain chemicals and increases the level of dopamine, otherwise known as the “brain’s motivation molecule”.  

Playing music with classmates stimulates the hormone oxytocin which helps children connect and bond with others. Oxytocin is also known as the “trust molecule” and makes children more friendly and trustworthy.

Instrument rentals vs. purchases

When a child decides to join its school band, one of the common issues for parents is whether they should rent or buy an instrument. Instruments can be rented or bought from a reputable music store nearby, as well as from an online store. Depending on the child’s age and level of interest, there are benefits and downsides to both instrument rentals or purchases

  • Renting an instrument is beneficial due to the lower monthly payments. It allows parents to pay low fees while their child is enjoying playing a professional, well maintained musical instrument. On the other hand, buying an instrument gives a greater sense of commitment and a higher motivation to improve playing ability.  
  • When renting a musical instrument from a professional and reputable store for instrument rentals, you get sterile instruments that are in great condition. When buying an instrument, you should be knowledgeable enough to estimate its quality and condition – unless you are buying from a reputable company.     
  • Rented instruments are regularly maintained by repair technicians. If a repair is needed, customers get a replacement (another instrument), until their original instrument gets repaired. Buying your instrument allows you to get a brand new piece, avoiding the commitments of the rental contracts.
  • When renting musical instruments, its easier for a child to switch to a different type of instrument and experiment. Purchasing a musical instrument on the other hand makes parents more involved in a child’s musical development and increases their interest and overall experience. In essence its about a higher level of flexibility versus a higher level of commitment.

Instrument rentals – what you should know

If you are a newbie in the world of musical instrument rentals, here are a few things you should consider. Regardless of the countless questions you might have in mind, it’s good to remember that playing music can be a wonderful experience for your child! Joining the school orchestra, learning new instruments, making new friends and gaining confidence – it is all part of the experience.  


The first thing you should consider when renting an instrument is doing research thoroughly. Take a good look at the instrument your child wants to play, read about it, learn (and hear) how it sounds. Since good instruments cost hundreds of dollars, it is wise to prepare to take proper care of it once you obtain it

The next thing you should do is find a highly professional music store in your area. As not all music stores rent many instruments, it is important to contact them and check if they offer what you need. At Harmony House, we take our customers seriously and have a variety of musical instruments for favorable monthly fees that include rent, tax and insurance. To satisfy our customer senses and needs, we only provide instruments of the highest quality.

Instrument rentals make high quality instruments affordable

Learning to play a new musical instrument is a joyful experience for everyone, especially children. In order to become familiar with the instrument and get comfortable while playing it, most parents choose to rent one before making a purchase. After the child or student acquires skills and becomes more serious about it, parents start thinking about buying a professional instrument.

However, some people decide to stick to renting musical instruments for a while, just for the sake of quality. When deciding between renting a high quality instrument or buying an inexpensive model, it’s always better to rent.  


Of course, buying your child’s instrument can save you money in the long run. This is especially true if the level of your child’s commitment to playing a particular instrument is high after, let’s say, one year of playing. At Harmony House, we offer a wide range of high-quality acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, grand pianos, upright and digital pianos, and much more.

Whether you choose to buy or rent musical instruments, ensure that your decision fits your lifestyle and acknowledge the importance of instrument maintenance. If you notice your child’s affinity for playing music, don’t hesitate to encourage it, as you may soon realize you are raising a future famous musician!  

Things to consider when searching for good music lessons

Are you interested in learning how to play a musical instrument, but unsure about where to start? You know that learning on your own can be a bit difficult and frustrating. Let’s face it, if people could perfect the art of playing instruments on their own, every music fan could start a career in music. The key to becoming great at playing the piano, guitar or drums is hiring a professional and experienced teacher who can give you music lessons.

Music teachers can help you develop the skills necessary to master your favorite instrument. Being a good teacher requires patience, persistence and many private lessons from the teacher you choose. But, how do you choose the best teacher in your area? How do you find the one teacher who will help your progress as fast as possible and reach your full potential? Read on to find out.

Consult your friends

Talk with your friends and family about your passion for music. Ask them if they know a person that has experience in giving music lessons. You will be surprised by how frequently people get in touch with music teachers, even if their profession is not related to music at all.

Chances are, your friends probably know someone who can help you learn to play the piano. Talk with everyone you know regarding this topic. Even if they can’t help you much, you will end up having an interesting conversation, as others will probably be surprised by your interest in this field.

After hearing all the suggestions, you can make a list of the things you like and don’t like about each teacher. That can narrow down the choice to a single professional who you should contact about your passion. This way, you will get yourself a teacher based on the experience and knowledge of your relatives, friends and acquintances. You can be confident you are making the right choice.

Make sure you find teachers who can provide you with the best music lessons in the area

Talk to all potential teachers

Talking with the teacher in person is the best way to find out more about their personality and skills. Contact all of the teachers you have in mind. Tell them that you are interested in their work and ask if they are available to talk about your interest in learning the instrument they teach. By doing this, you also get a chance to learn a thing or two about their musical experience.

Make sure you ask the teacher everything you want to know. Be thorough and don’t commit to anyone before talking to all candidates. That way, you can make a good decision and hire the best candidate in the end.

If you still can’t find a decent teacher, feel free to contact us, at Harmony House. We will be happy to recommend some of the best teachers in your area. We’ve worked very hard to find the best teachers in each area, and build a network of excellence.

Ask about the teacher’s experience with music lessons

Always try to hire a music teacher who has a rich background. It doesn’t matter whether the candidate has great mastery of the instrument in question. Their playing ability is utterly useless unless they can pass on their knowledge to you.

Teaching people to play instruments is totally different from playing instruments. We, at Harmony House, can offer you experienced music teachers that will invest quality time and effort in helping you master your favorite instrument and reach professional abilities (if that’s your goal).

After asking the teacher about their experience, you can ask additional questions related to the teaching process. Where do the lessons take place? How long does one lesson take? Do you have to pay for the first lesson? These are some questions you should get answers for before hiring a music teacher.

Excellent musicians aren’t necessarily excellent teachers

We all adore our favorite musicians because of their skills and unique style of creating music. They have established a legendary status and upcoming musicians dream of being as good as their idols. But, being a great musician doesn’t mean that they can also teach others. Many music legends have admitted that they aren’t great at teaching people. Again, teaching requires patience, persistence and a special kind of teacher-specific empathy. A good teacher also has to be a coach, a motivator and a psychologist, all rolled into one person.

At Harmony House, we are dedicated to training professional music teachers who aren’t necessarily rich and famous. But, what they can do is make you feel comfortable with the subjects you should cover during the teaching process. They will also challenge you to set high goals that you may have considered un-achievable. 

Playing a guitar

Caring personality

Having a tough personality as a teacher doesn’t always bring out the best in people. Yes, there are many cases when strict professors are respected and recognized for their teaching methods.

But, high standards can also be set by motivating students with a caring personality and a strategic approach. Nowadays, many students show that they can perform well as a result of the fun and understanding they have with their caring teachers.

Such teachers make students fall in love with the instruments they play. After that, it is easy to help anyone become a good musician. But, lowering the standards is something that a teacher should avoid. Some tend to lower their standards, resulting in the student not being able to achieve their music goals and dreams.

Lesson plans

A strategic approach to teaching music is the key to helping students master an instrument. A top-notch teacher should be able to offer a detailed lesson plan for every student. Find a teacher who writes down everything that has been said in each class – this means they actually care for the subjects they teach.

Keeping track of everything the student has learned is of utmost importance throughout the learning experience. At Harmony House, we take preparations very seriously before we give our suggestions.

Our teachers are capable of preparing you for future performances and helping you become a fully rounded musician.

Just choose your favorite instrument to get started. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piano, clarinet, saxophone or the drums. We’ve covered everything you need to know and have prepared our teachers to provide you with the best music lessons in the area. With our help, you can rest assured that people will be soon admiring your music skills and talk about the next musical star in making.

The Top Music Stores Phoenix Has on Offer

When it comes to music instruments, tuning services or music lessons, it is always best to turn to professionals and well equipped music stores. Whether you are looking for some slinky electric guitar strings or the Fender Antigua Stratocaster (limited edition), you should always strive for high quality. That is why you should know how to find the top music stores Phoenix has to offer.

Turn to the best music stores in Phoenix to satisfy your music sense

Whether you are a professional musician or a hobbyist, you always deserve only the best products and services available. The people who work in the top music stores in Phoenix are well informed and knowledgeable, love music and usually enjoy playing instruments. They can easily find what you are searching for and give you valuable advice and suggestions. If you need a guitar, piano or a ukulele, don’t hesitate to ask an experienced professional.

The Phoenix area has several music stores that stand out not only for the numerous masterpiece instruments on sale, but also for treating their customers fairly. What follows are some of the top music store Phoenix choices.

1. Boogie Music

This music store offers an excellent selection of music instruments. They have various acoustic and electric guitars, guitar amps, drum-sets, school-band instruments and much more. They have been in business for over 30 years and have numerous fans within the Phoenix area. For all the handcrafted acoustic guitar fans out there, they have a special climate-controlled room to keep their fabulous handcrafted acoustic pieces in top condition.

The great thing about the Boogie Music store is that they provide the opportunity to rent instruments and other related equipment. Furthermore, they offer a repair service, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you need to repair cracks on your violin or cello. Also, if you are in need of a sound system for your next live music act, Boogie Music can rent you one at a fair price.

2. Sam Ash

Sam Ash is another great music store that has been in business since 1924. This family-run business offers a wide variety of musical instruments and accessories, music software covers, sound and recording equipment and a lot more. They not only offer an incredible selection of instruments; they encourage their visitors to play, too.


If you visit any Sam Ash music store, you will most likely see people playing keyboards, guitars, or drums. Regardless of your playing style, they have all the equipment you may need. The Ash family business has expanded to 45 music stores over the years and their offers will certainly satisfy everyone’s music taste and senses.

3. Drum Alley

Drum Alley is also among the top music stores Phoenix citizens can be proud of. This store is especially popular among the drummer elite for many reasons. Some of the reasons include fair prices and a great selection. However, one thing Drum Alley is especially popular about is hospitality. No matter if you are a newbie drummer or a pro – this is certainly a store worthy of your attention.

4. Guitar Center

When it comes to music instruments, sound systems, mixers or similar equipment, Guitar Center is a store that either has what you need or is willing to order it specially for you. They have been operating in the Phoenix area for about 15 years.


Guitar Center is among the top choices for many professional and amateur musicians in Phoenix. This is mainly due to the store’s great offers and dedicated staff. Their rich catalog includes all kinds of guitars – electric, acoustic, classical, left-handed and much more. They also have drums, keyboards, lighting and other accessories that will capture your attention as soon as you enter their premises. Lessons and repair services are also being offered.

5. Ziggie’s Music

This is a great, family–owned music store located in Central Phoenix. It is one of the few stores that have been in business for over eighty years, and it’s famous for being specialized in rarities. If you need a rare instrument or specific accessory, Ziggie’s is the right music store to visit.
If you are interested in taking accordion classes, you should check out Ziggie’s offers. They also sell, buy, repair and trade new and vintage guitars, amps and other music accessories and equipment.

6. Harmony House

Harmony House is definitely one of the top music stores Phoenix has to offer. We are proud to say that we first opened our doors in 1971 and have expanded into a fabulous full-line music store over the years. Nowadays, Harmony House is a synonym for high-quality musical instruments, including eye-catching collectibles and rare antique pieces.

music-stores-phoenix-harmony house

Harmony House is operated and owned locally. Always trying to understand the needs and preferences of the local professional and amateur musicians, we are dedicated to offering a careful selection of music instruments and equipment. Starting as a small local business, we have been offering numerous advantages to the surrounding community – something that large retailers can’t achieve.

We are specialized in selling, buying and renting instruments, and providing music lessons in our in-store studios. Apart from our attractive offers when it comes to choosing an instrument, we also give our customers the opportunity to attend banjo, cello and clarinet lessons. We even provide classes for drums, electric bass, English horn and much more. Our team of professional teachers is ready to help you learn more about music and playing instruments.

Visit us and start creating your own harmony

When it comes to picking music instruments or attending music lessons, it’s always important to rely on high quality, no matter if you are an amateur or a professional musician. While all music stores in Phoenix strive to offer great value, only some of them succeed in satisfying customer music senses.

At Harmony House, we are dedicated to meeting the demands and preferences of today’s musicians of all ages. We are happy to help our customers discover an extensive range of new and used music instruments and start creating their own harmony. So, don’t waste any more of your precious time – contact our professional team right away!