Tips for acoustic guitar repair and maintenance

Your guitar is your pride and joy—as well as an expensive and delicate instrument that requires regular care and maintenance. The professionals at Phoenix, Arizona’s Harmony House can help you keep your guitar in great condition with guitar repair and maintenance services.

Maintaining an acoustic guitar

Here are some tips for turning your guitar into an instrument that lasts a lifetime:

  • Don’t drop it: Duh, you might say. But, a lot of guitar problems start because of human error. Playing it standing without a guitar strap. Transporting it without a quality case or bag. Standing it up against the futon instead of investing in a stand. Take care of your guitar, and it’ll take care of you. Think about it this way: if you’re the type who buys a case, screen protector, and insurance for their smartphone, why not treat your guitar with the same love?
  • Clean it—the right way: We were originally going to write “just clean it,” but then we pictured someone attempting to use a product for cleaning wood floors on their beautiful guitar. Buy actual guitar cleaning products from Harmony House, and treat your guitar with respect. We can give you some advice and tips for regular cleaning and testing strings.
  • Know when to hire a professional: Your guitar is an investment, and while you can do much of the cleaning and string checks at home, you may want to consider visiting our experts for anything past that. We know guitars, and we can give yours a full comprehensive tune-up. No matter how often you play, Harmony House can get your instrument prepped for the next concert, meeting of the band, or backyard get-together.

Need guitar repair?

Guitar-Repair-AcousticUh-oh. If your guitar needs repair, Harmony House can help. We’re partnered with Patruno Guitar Repair LLC, which means the amazing Mike Patruno is in our store every Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. Have a question about a repair? Give us a call, and we’ll help you assess the problem.

It’s a dry heat

Here in Arizona, we’re known for our dry, hot temperatures and a distinct lack of humidity and moisture in the air. What you may not know is that your guitar may be even more sensitive to the temperature changes outside than you are. Wooden instruments can struggle with changes in humidity and extremes in temperature—sitting in a 120° trunk in the Phoenix July certainly qualifies. Whether you have a beautiful acoustic guitar or a mandolin, the Valley’s summer and monsoon cycle could pose a risk.

One solution is to purchase a humidifier and hygrometer system. A hygrometer gauges the humidity of the air. By keeping it in your case or near your instrument, you can easily assess whether the humidity is leaving the ideal 30 to 60 percent range, and then use the humidifier to address the issue. Considering that, on average, the Phoenix area’s humidity drops below that on a daily basis, a humidity-ensuring setup can really help prolong the life of your instrument, and help you get great performance out of it for summers to come.

Need help?

Harmony House can provide assistance with guitar protection, maintenance, and repair. Contact our repair shop, or stop by our north Phoenix location at 15229 North Cave Creek Road. You can also reach us anytime by calling (602) 207-8806.

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