Grand Piano Rental in Phoenix

What to look for when purchasing a pre-owned grand piano

A grand piano is a big investment. Not just big in terms of cost, but in reference to physical size, too. How do you know when you’re getting a great deal on a piano? Harmony House can help you. Our piano experts and professionals can assist you in finding just the right piano for your home.

Is this piano right for you?

Grand Piano Rental in PhoenixHonestly, this is the first question you should be asking yourself when looking at any grand piano. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for, and—most of the time—a piano’s ultimate longevity and sound comes down to how well it was originally constructed and how well it has been taken care of through the years.

Set your price point ahead of time, but also think about what you need the piano for. While a player who is just starting still needs a quality piano, they may not need one that is designed for a concert hall performance. Take your budget and needs into account before buying.

Has this piano been cared for and tuned up regularly?

One question to ask is this: Is the piano being sold by someone who knows and cares about pianos, or by someone who looks like they’d like nothing better to get rid of the thing? If the current owner is offloading the instrument to free up space in their home since they haven’t played it in years, that may be a strong hint that they haven’t been paying for regular maintenance and tune-ups.

This is a reason to consider purchasing your piano from a store such as Harmony House. We care for the grand pianos in our collection. When you buy a piano from us, you’re purchasing from our community of piano lovers, who have taken the time to maintain and regularly tune their pianos.

Is the piano is good shape?

Not all pianos age as well as others. Beyond just basic maintenance, a lack of care could lead to serious damage in the interior of a piano. Look at the soundboard. Is it cracked? The hammers should also be indent-free. Do the pedals move easily, or is there a degree of resistance? Also be on the lookout for water damage or gnaw marks in the piano. That may be an indicator that either mildew or mice were present at one time or lessons 2

One of the best ways to assess the state of your piano is to play it. Does the piano rattle? Do individual notes sound flat when pressed? If so, consider moving on from that particular grand piano. If you need advice on how to evaluate a piano’s quality, stop by Harmony House and we’ll help you out.

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Need more tips and advice on purchasing a piano? Or, are you interested in taking a look at our selection? Stop by our north Phoenix store or give us a call. We’d love to help you find the grand piano that’s perfect for you.

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